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Eggs are now available!!!! 

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About Us

Our Passion

Our passion is providing superior quality, delicious, farm-fresh meats, poultry and eggs to warm your tables and nourish your bellies.  

We provide high-quality feed and allow our poultry free range for happy hens and healthy eggs.

How 'The Egg Hatched'

I have always been a farm girl at heart.  Born and raised on a farm in good ol' Delaware, poultry has always been my passion.  I left the farm to pursue my education and career.  And, eventually (some 20 years and what seems like a lifetime later), I met Jim - who coincidentally grew up on a dairy farm in New Jersey.   We had a dream to buy a farm together and start a small farm business some day.  So, in August 2013, we took the leap and 'we bought the farm'.  While we aren't ready to quit our day jobs; we are ready to live our passion, and want to share it with you. With the purchase of 41 chicks...

our story began and we are growing...won't you join us??  

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Farm-Fresh Superior Quality

Our goal is to offer superior quality farm-fresh products from 

our farm to your table. 

We currently have eggs available for purchase.  We are accepting orders for fresh whole roaster chickens - available early May 2018. And, we will be accepting orders for fresh turkeys - available for Thanksgiving.  Pre-orders may be placed by giving us a call.

We currently do not offer delivery, but can arrange drop off or 

on-farm pickup.

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Helpful Info

Storing Eggs

You can store our eggs for up to five weeks in your fridge...but we hope they don't last that long!   


We are now accepting pre-orders for whole chicken roasters (next batch ready for pick up May 2018).

If pick-up is within two days, we will keep your bird 'fresh' (meaning we will not freeze).  If pick-up is greater than two days, for food safety reasons, we prefer to freeze the bird.  Our experience is there is no affect on quality or flavor.


My husband and I cooked the roaster - and it was the moistest chicken we have even tasted!  (Customer - Smyrna, DE)

The eggs are absolutely delicious, and I love that they are from chickens raised on your farm (Customer - Middletown, DE)

Thanksgiving 2018 - Turkeys

Place your order for your holiday Turkey.  We are currently accepting orders for Thanksgiving 2018.  Give us a call!

(Note: picture displays turkey already roasted....I am a good cook - but will not roast your turkey for you...;-).  Turkeys will be sold fully dressed and will include giblets)

Spring 2018

We just ordered a new flock of chicks for Roasters!  Contact us to place your order.  Limited quantities.

Our layers are cranking out their eggs!   Place your order today.   We are getting ready to move their hen house so they can have fresh spring grass!


Q - Are your chickens given antibiotics, hormones?

A - Our chickens are never given antibiotics or homones.

Q - Are your chickens organic?

A - Our chickens are not certified organic.  Our layers are considered 'free-range' and 'all-natural'.   We feed our chickens high-quality, all-natural feed and allow our layers to forage on grass that has not been treated with pesticides or fertilizers.  Our broilers are considered 'all natural'.

Q - Why do some of the egg shells have specks?

A - Some slight discolorations in the form of 'specks' or very small bumps are normal.  These occur naturally during the shell formation, and do not affect the quality of eggs. 

Q - Why are your egg yolks darker in color than those in the store?

A - Our hens feed on grass and other nutrients outside making their yolks darker in color from the added nutrients.

Q - Why is it harder to peel hard boiled eggs that are made from fresh eggs?

A - The fresher the egg, the more the egg white adheres to the shell membrane.   Allowing your eggs to age a couple of weeks, or dipping them in ice water and cracking the shells can help with peeling if you like to boil them fresh.  There are a ton of tips available on-line.

Q - Do green shelled eggs taste different?  

A - We think ALL of our eggs taste different - and way better than grocery store eggs...but we are biased.  Try for yourself!   Green shelled eggs come from our lovely Ameraucana hens.

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See you at The Barn Door, where we raise superior quality meats, poultry and eggs.   

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